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This service costs nothing to join and can be cancelled at any time. The worth of Insiderzedge Promotional Vouchers has two separate components: (a) the amount paid and (b) the promotional value. The promotional value is the additional value above the amount paid. For example, if the amount paid for a $40.00 voucher for a good and/or service is $10.00, then the amount paid would be $10.00, and the promotional value would be $30.00.

Unless an Insiderzedge voucher is for admission to a specific event at a named venue, date and time, the amount paid for the voucher WILL NOT EXPIRE UNTIL FIVE YEARS AFTER THE DATE OF PURCHASE (longer if required by law); the expiration date and time would be for the promotional value only. Therefore, there is little chance of a person purchasing a voucher, and losing the money they paid because the voucher expired before they could redeem it. Please note that these vouchers do not cover tax or gratuity, aren't re-loadable, but are fully transferable.

However, if an Insiderzedge voucher is for an event, on a named date, and at a specific time and venue, the voucher must be considered a nonrefundable (neither the amount paid, nor the promotional value) ticket, unless the event is cancelled and not rescheduled or upon request if the event is rescheduled due to conditions beyond the seller's control. Unauthorized reproduction, resale, modification, or trade is prohibited and certain maximum resale premiums and restrictions may apply to Event Tickets.

Vouchers are to be redeemed with the issuing merchant and/or venue, for the goods, services, and/or event identified on the voucher. is not related in any way to Insider's Edge,, and